Amanda Micheletto-Blouin
The One with the BabiesThe One with the Babies detailComfort CradleComfort Cradle detailHair Ikat Series AHair Ikat Series A detailHair Ikat Series BHair Ikat Series B detailHair Ikat Series CHair Ikat Series C detailStrike PatternStrike Pattern detailStruck on BoxStruck on Box detailBrideBride detailGroomGroom detailHair as PickHair as Pick detailPicky I and Picky II (with hair)Picky I detailPicky II (with hair) detailMantleMantle detailMantle detailHair PieceHair Piece detailHair Piece detailWoven PaperWoven Paper detailStainless Steel SilkStainless Steel Silk detail