Amanda Micheletto-Blouin
Art Book by Russell Clark
Fabric Collage by Cabell JohnsonFabric Collage by Jennifer WeaverFabric Collage by Lori LesterFelt Collage by Jennifer EricksonFabric Tapestry by Samantha DeasonPrinted Fabric by Malarie Reising
Art Quilt by Lauren Rogers
Silk Painting by Melissa Minervini
Silk Painting by Cabell Johnson
Silk Painting by Lori Lester
Silk Painting by Elizabeth Curl
Silk Painting by Samantha Deason
Art Quilt by Britney Cobb
Art Quilt by Genesis Juckett 
Felt Hand Bag by Lauren Rogers
Art Book by Jennifer Weaver
Art Book by Cabell Johnson
Art Book by Lori LesterArt Book by Kathleen Johnson
Students' Work
This work was completed by my Textile Design Survey classes at East Carolina University in the Spring and Fall of 2010.